Saturday, July 27


During my last work installation, I was able to take some pictures while I strolled around Hangzhou and Shanghai. What an amazing country and clash of cultures. So much design! Curious on how it will all evolve with China's own speed...

Thursday, February 28

Peacock Room

Breathtaking! I came across pictures of this beautiful old castle in Italy - Castello di Sammezzano.
This abandoned castle built in 1605 for Ximenes d'Aragona and then re-designed between 1853 and 1889 is just spectacular. A big fan of Moorish interiors I cant keep my eyes off the images...
Check out more here.

Sunday, February 17

The HITGallery - Hong Kong

Lets talk asymmetry baby!
Always an admired of works from Rafael Decardenas, this store reminds me a bit of his design.

However, tscharam! No one but Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre. With inspiration from artist Giorgio de Chirico, the store has a clean design that with clear Italian accents as the arches.

Imm Cologne: David Derksen Design

Always searching for pieces that have the bronze and copper color, these art/mirror pieces are incredible.

David Derksen describes them: "...Transcience shows the beauty of the natural oxidizing process of mirrors. By accelerating and manipulating this process, the Transcience mirrors show various stages of oxidation in three different geometrical patterns."

Work harder!

I am always distressed how little thought or concern employees put in the workspace. Here is some fun design from Pinkeye Crossover design studio in Antwerp.
Recently, there was a very interesting article on the New York Times related to work productivity.It was named "Relax! You'll Be More Productive".

A bit of fashion, color and open space that enhance workers interactions and creativity.

More here.

Crazy about Amon Tobin

Music, 3d installation and lighting create an enigmatic experience. Would love to see this in person!Check out more here, in the latest article by Frame Magazine.